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Deer Off® Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions
The Deer Off® experts at Havahart are pleased to answer your questions about Deer Off® deer, squirrel and rabbit repellent. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Q. Is Deer Off® safe for use around kids and pets?

A. YES! Deer Off® is a safe, organic deer repellent, so it won't harm your kids or pets. Be careful not to spray the product in your eyes, as Deer Off®'s natural pepper ingredient could cause irritation and tearing. See the product instructions for more details.

Q. Is Deer Off® all natural and organic?

A. Deer Off® comes from Havahart, a company dedicated to providing a wide spectrum of organic caring control solutions for pets and wildlife. Deer Off® is the only OMRI Listed® (Organic Materials Review Institute), dual-deterrent deer repellent on the market and is USDA approved for use in organic gardening

OMRI is important because the organization provides a rigorous independent review of the manufacturing process to give you confidence that the products with the OMRI logo can be used for organic gardening.

Q. How long does it work (and does it smell bad)?

A. Deer Off® deer repellent dries quickly and the odor goes with it, becoming undetectable to humans. Deer (like dogs) have highly sensitive noses, and will be repelled by its long-lasting scent for up to three months.

Q. If I spray Deer Off® in my yard, will the deer go into my neighbors' yards?

A. Yes, it's quite possible that the deer will move into your neighbors' yards where they do not detect the scent of Deer Off®.

Q. I live in a rainy climate, will Deer Off® work in my wet neck of the woods?

A. Deer Off® deer repellent is long lasting, even in wet weather. With typical weather conditions, Deer Off® will last up to three months—and stand up to your deer. If you experience heavy, frequent downpours, you may need to apply earlier.

Q. How often do I need to apply Deer Off®?

A. Deer Off® is highly economical, because you don't need to use as much or spray as frequently as other brands of deer or animal repellents. In areas of normal rainfall, one application of weather-resistant Deer Off® lasts up to three months. That's a real advantage!

Q. Does Deer Off® work on other critters?

A. Yes, Deer Off® is an effective squirrel and rabbit repellent, too. It's also part of our Total Yard Protection family, which includes Critter Ridder® (repels seven of the most common nuisance animals) and DeFence®, formulated especially for pesky, insatiable rabbits.

Q. What else can I do to protect my landscaping?

A. Deer do, indeed, like a variety of fruits, vegetables, plant buds and shoots, bark and shrubs. There are, however, some "deer-resistant" plants you can use in your yard. That's deer-resistant, not deer proof. Check this list for some deer-resistant landscaping options.

Q. Does Deer Off® work in the winter or in cold climates?

A. Yes. As the weather turns cooler and food becomes scarce, Deer Off® deer repellent should be used to keep foraging deer at bay. Deer Off® works best between 40° and 90°F, so it's better to use before the weather turns too cold.

Q. How do I use Deer Off®?

A. Deer Off® is easy to use, whether you're using our motorized sprayer or ready-to-use spray bottle. Simply shake your container of Deer Off® and you're ready to start spraying. We recommend that you spray a small area of the plant as a test before beginning a large-scale treatment, as some plant types are highly sensitive. It's important to spray on leaves, stems, flowers and branches thoroughly from all angles, until leaves are very wet. When you're finished, clean the sprayer to prevent clogging.

A good time to begin spraying is at the beginning of each damage season. Reapply every two to three months, or as new growth emerges. Reapply after heavy rain.

Q. What are the ideal conditions for spraying Deer Off®?

A. You should spray Deer Off® deer repellent just as you would when you're watering. That is, in the morning or early evening hours. This will protect your plants from being damaged by the combination of wetness and the heat of the midday sun.

Also, it's ideal to spray when it's warmer than 40°F and in conditions that encourage quick drying (mild, dry weather with low relative humidity).

Deer Off® Experts Answer Frequently Asked QuestionsDeer Off® Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions - Ask a Deer Off Question

Deer Off® Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions - all about deer

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